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Mineral scaling has been proven to increase energy consumption, decrease equipment longevity and waste water in building support equipment

“NYC climate commitment is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050”

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NYC Building Classifications

Class T Buildings - Transportation Facilities

Max. Specifications:
Model Diameter Water Flow
V3000 1 ½ inches 13 GPM
V5000  2 inch
 35 GPM
S10  3 inch
 65 GPM
S25  4 inch
 130 GPM
S50  5 inch
 300 GPM
S100  6 inch
 530 GPM
S150  8 inch
 790 GPM
S250  10 inch
 1,540 GPM
S350  14 inch
 2,200 GPM
S500  20 inch
 3,520 GPM
X-PRO 1  30 inch
X-PRO 2  40 inch  UNLIMITED
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warning smallNYC buildings account for 68% of the city’s carbon emissions.
Energy Loss and Productivity caused by hard water scale

Contact Waslix (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  412-848-5058) for a comprehensive installation plan for your building.

* Sizing an appropriate mineral descaler model/s is a combination of the building’s primary use, diameter of the water pipes where the mineral descaler will be installed, and the anticipated water flow. Other variables such as building height, square footage and supporting equipment (boilers, heat exchanges, cooling tower, etc.) also play a role in developing a holistic descaling plan to lower energy consumption and extend equipment and piping infrastructure lifespans.

Note: to offer a general mineral descaling model sizing plan for the building classifications below, assumptions were made for pipe diameter, number of floors, building size, etc. A final installation plan for your specific building may require more or fewer installed models.

T1 - Airports, Air Fields, Terminals
T1 - Airports, Air Fields, Terminals

Mineral Descaling Models:
8" Main Water Pipe: S350
(multiple locations)
6" Main Hot Water Pipe: S150
(multiple locations)
4" Cooling Tower Pipes: S100
(multiple locations)
4" Heat Exchanger  Pipes: S100
(multiple locations)

Installation Considerations:
Allowing Waslix to develop a customized installation plan will be best approach for a large facility. This will ensure all areas and equipment are included and descaled to lower energy consumption and avoiding unnecessary water blowdowns typically associated with cooling tower operations.
• Energy Efficiency Studies
• Return On Investment
T2 - Piers, Docks, Bulkheads
T2 - Piers, Docks, Bulkheads

Mineral Descaling Models:

Installation Considerations:
Not applicable
T9 - Miscellaneous
T9 - Miscellaneous

Mineral Descaling Models:
1" Main Water Pipe: V5000

Installation Considerations:
Contact us so we can learn more about your building and develop a custom installation plan.
• Energy Efficiency Studies
• Return On Investment

Without knowing the intrinsic specifications for your property classification, the examples above are offered as a possible solution. However, this may not be completely accurate until the above-mentioned variables are considered.
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