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Evangelic Hospital electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconEvangelisches Krankenhaus Bergisch Gladbach

We have a total of 478 water outlets in the building (289 water taps, 97 toilets, 92 showers). We face an annual water consumption of approximately 75,478 US gallons where a chemical system would cause tremendous costs and maintenance work for us. When checking the water tap outlets and showers we no longer find the typical scale build up or blockages. We have an indoor swimming pool which we use for all medical therapies. In this area we are also fully content with the effect of the water treatment.

Jinzhou Peoples Hospital electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconJinzhou No. 2 People's Hospital

The entire piping system and equipment have a lot of scale. After Vulcan was installed for two months, by observing the faucet, we found the scale was reduced in the pipe and equipment and the water feels softer. The Hospital provides public health and basic medical services for more than 40,000 people. It is also responsible for emergency tasks of 200,000 people in eastern Jinzhou.

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