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Steinbeis Institute electronic hard water descaler 3

blog heading iconSteinbeis Institute- Center For Environmental Chemistry

This test showed that the tendency to form lime deposits is reduced considerably by the “Vulcan 5000” water-treatment device. In addition, the effect continues for some days after “Vulcan 5000” has been switched off.

Vulcan removes scale from heating station pipes

blog heading iconVulcan electronic impulse technology removes scale from heating stations

This installation was a government project and before the Vulcan descalers were installed it took a great deal of effort and expense to clean the heat exchangers. The Vulcan system has already proven its effectiveness since it has greatly prolonged the cleaning intervals. This government contract has reported they are very satisfied with the results.

Garden Shop hard water descaler 2

blog heading iconGarden Shop

Installing the Vulcan S25 device, I found out that there are not any more white sedimentation on the leaves and soil. Most of all I realized that there is a big improvement in the growth of my plants. I also found out that there is a better and quicker foam creation whenever we want to wash our hands or clothing.

Exhibition Center Cologne fights limescale problems

blog heading iconExhibition Center Cologne

After the installation of your water treatment system in our bistros I noticed a clear improvement of the situation. The lime scale deposits are now much easier to remove thus easing the workload of the staff. Less detergent is needed and I am altogether extremely satisfied with your device.

St. Olavs Church hard water descaler 4

blog heading iconSt. Olav’s Church Los Angeles

We decided to replace the water softener with the Vulcan Descaler 3000 unit. The result now is amazing, the clogging of the shower nozzles is gone, and the kitchen faucet nozzles are spraying evenly and our commercial grade dishwasher is cleaner and works better. We use a lot less detergent when doing laundry as the Vulcan 3000 makes the detergent work so much better.

McClean Public Restrooms fights limescale problems

blog heading iconMc Clean Public Restrooms

The visible scale deposits are less and the cleaning is much easier than without Vulcan – with less need of chemicals. Also the scale deposits of the cisterns and shower heads are much less, so we have less maintenance costs. We recommend your Vulcan system and we will install more Vulcan systems in further of our sanitary stations in Switzerland.

Phillip Best Plumbing remove limescale from pipes

blog heading iconPhillip Best Plumbing

The units, which allow scale particles to be washed away, are not only proving to be successful in commercial and industrial applications, but in private homes with scale and rust problems.

Tibetan Temple Sichuan hard water descaler

blog heading iconThe Tibetan Temple in Sichuan

Before Vulcan installed, we used electric stove to boil water, there was hard scale in the pots, and we had to scrub very hardly to clean every month. After installing Vulcan for a month, the scale has been reduced and the pots are cleaner without any cleaning in this month.

Global Hydration relief efforts

blog heading iconVIQUA Pro Series Aiding Global Hydration in Disaster Relief Efforts

Global Hydration ( is an industry leader that specializes in portable water purification systems for emergency preparedness, disaster relief and humanitarian aid and works on the United States Project MERF (Medical Emergency Response Facility). In 2005, Global Hydration released Can Pure™ Water Purification System that includes multiple models of highly portable water treatment systems and includes the VIQUA Pro 10. Their device is capable of producing 25,000 Liters Per Day of safe drinking water from any fresh water source.

viqua uv beckwith township

blog heading iconVIQUA Professional Plus Pro UV Disinfection Series Brings Water Confidence Back to Beckwith Township

Home to around 6400 people, Beckwith Township comprises a handful of villages and hamlets in Eastern Ontario. As well as fertile farmland, forests and wetlands, the township boasts the Mississippi Lake and River, and the Jock River. A larger underground aquifer supplies the private wells of the residents. Despite the wealth of water resources possessed by this idyllic township, residents have faced serious water stress in recent years. The presence of contaminants of concern robbed them of water confidence, until the Township chose a multi-barrier solution that included the unparalleled protection of the VIQUA Professional Plus Pro Series.

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