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About the Waslix Company and "Clearly Clean Water"

Waslix is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the notion of forming a water centric company came about at the end of a yearlong endeavor; in which I completely revamped my diet in an attempt to become “super healthy”. My diet quest lead me to remove all sources of gluten, processed sugar, choosing organic foods and removing anything that was artificial such as GMO’s. The last part of this undertaking was to take a look at my water.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of water purification models, systems, brands, experts refuting why one type of filter is bad and another type is good. The research involved in being informed and trying to feel comfortable in a possible finally Water Purification solution was exhausting. There was absolutely no continuity of information to lead a person to a system that had an affordable upfront cost, zero to very little maintenance costs, and was hopefully environmentally friendly.

My question then became “Do I really need spring quality water flowing through my home water pipes?” Every system I found required backwashing- this is when a water purification system periodically flushes out purification tanks and your water bill would in essence triple or quadruple from all the water you would waste just to have ‘clean water’.

By chance I stumbled across a German manufacturer called CWT who invented a patented electronic descaler called the Vulcan; that has been sold, produced and perfected for over 35 years. For me, everything then started to come together. The answer was to combine 3 separate technologies from 3 separate manufactures into a solution that was Affordable, Truly Eco-Friendly, and above all, a system that Actually Worked.

Electronic Hard Water Descaler: removes hard water scale on a molecular level from everything that water touches.
Consumption Water Filter: innovative patented technology produced in the United States that does not require backwashing to remove chlorine, segment, etc from water.
UV Disinfection: the global leader in producing the best UV water disinfection products

What is in a name?

Waslix is derived from:
Wasser: German translation of water
Helix: a curve in three-dimensional space. It reminded me of the impulse bands of the Vulcan descaler being wrapped around a pipe.

Waslix: Wasser + Helix

There is more to dirty municipal water than the awful Chlorine taste. Dirty water slowly blocks water pipes, damages household appliances, destroys company equipment and can/ does make people sick. Many people have died just by drinking pathogenic contaminated municipal water. If you are a person who is concerned about consuming clean water you shouldn’t have to resort to buying bottled water. Waslix is committed to providing people, companies and industries with an affordable and clean solution.
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Our philosophy is to foster a strong association between how clearly clean water will have a healthy biological influence on our bodies and preventative repairs and maintenance to our homes and businesses.
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