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NYC made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 — this projected level by the United Nations is needed to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change

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HOW can this technology help support NYC 2050 climate mandates?

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Mineral scale deposits in building support equipment (cooling towers, heat exchange plates, boilers, water pipes, valves, and other equipment interacting with water) has been shown to increase energy consumption, water demands, lowered equipment and support component part lifecycles. U.S. Department of Energy Report (PNNL-22921) under Contract DE-AC05-76RL01830

Over 40 years of product development across 70 countries has allowed this sophisticated technology to effectively remove existing mineral scale build-up and prevent new hard water scale bonds from forming. Unlike water softening resins, media and other similar water softening processes this proprietary wobbling impulse frequencies tech accelerates a natural occurring phenomenon to dismantle and restructure mineral bonds without affecting water chemistry, as observed with other water softening process, while eliminating mineral scale.

Other than approx. 2 watts of electrical energy, no other consumables are used with this technology to prevent and loosen existing mineral scale; making this technology a truly eco-friendly inclusion tool to lower your building’s carbon footprint.

Wobbling Impulse Frequency Mineral Descaling Technology

40+ year product engineering to prevent and remove mineral scaling without using salt, chemicals, filters or magnetic fields

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mineral desscaler impacts hard water mineral crystals as a water softenerThis technology changes the crystallization process of liquid calcium, and other minerals responsible for mineral scale deposits in hard water, to lose their ability to bond together and stick to surfaces. These treated Mono-Crystals flow through water pipes and into water-based equipment to gently remove existing mineral scale deposits without adjusting the chemistry of your water supply.

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