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Not all lamps are created equal.

With more than 35 years in the residential water treatment market, VIQUA has built a strong reputation for quality products. Their systems and lamps are designed on a solid foundation of research, development and have gone through rigorous performance testing to meet the certification and validation standards of the industry’s leading governing bodies.
Using a lamp that was not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system poses health risk, fire risk, reliability risk, equipment failure or damage risk, and loss of system certification. You have invested in the best UV disinfection brand; using anything other than a VIQUA lamp is not worth the risk.

Other UV lamps may seem to fit a VIQUA system, however your are exposing yourself to the following risks:

health riskHealth Risk: Water may not be disinfected properly.
fire riskFire Risk: VIQUA lamps only use non-flammable materials & are engineered to exact specifications to ensure safety.
reliability riskReliability Risk: Performance could be compromised & premature power supply failures may occur.
failure riskEquipment Damage or Failure Risk: Using other lamps in VIQUA systems greatly increases the chances of equipment damage, or even complete equipment failure.
loss of certificationLoss of Certification: VIQUA systems are certified as a complete unit which includes a VIQUA lamp. Third-party certification (NSF 55 and UL/CE) will be voided.

So what’s the difference?

We’ve thoroughly examined the other lamps and conducted tests to see how they could affect VIQUA systems.
insist on viqua lamps
uv lamp logos Look for these brands – not part numbers.
If it’s not branded by VIQUA, it’s not a VIQUA lamp. VIQUA is the guarantee of total UV system performance and safety.
Warranty: VIQUA genuine lamps come with a one-year comprehensive replacement warranty;  and ensures all other system component warranties and certifications stay intact, too.
Long-Life Coating: VIQUA lamps have a proprietary coating for stability, longer life, increased efficiency, and higher UV output over the life of the lamp.
Environmentally-Friendly: VIQUA genuine lamps (with the exception of some special application lamps) contain nearly 70% less mercury than some non-VIQUA lamps.

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