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Unless there is a problem, hard water scale goes unnoticed until we need to replace equipment or clean a restroom; and in most cases this just becomes part of general maintenance. If you work for any level of government or in a government supported initiative, purifying municipal water is going to be of little to no importance. WHY would there be a problem with our water quality? It comes out clear and we probably use it to make coffee for the office so there is no problem, right!?

Municipalities do an incredible job of processing and cleaning water for 100’s millions of people every day. However, the water flowing through your government building is slowly destroying everything it touches. Unfortunately, water is not pure. NOT from an idealistic desire for ‘spring quality’ water purification, but from lime scale (calcium and magnesium) elements in the water that corrode and deposit sediment on EVERYTHING it touches.

Read a water report from your local municipality about your water quality and there will be ‘tolerated’ levels of impurities in their water sampling. However, water travels a long way before we consume it, and during its travels it will pick up pathogens (hard water scale buildup is a breeding ground for bacteria and other types of pathogens) and when you ingest water you are also consuming anyone of over 600 contaminants that can and do cause health problems.

At Waslix LLC, we are not proposing the solution should be for Government Institutions to purify their entire water supply to provide ‘spring quality’ water through their entire building. Simple and affordable steps can be implemented to deal with the realities of water and save Tax Payers Millions in replacing failing equipment (water heaters, sprinkler systems, cooling systems, refrigeration, etc), general cleaning maintenance, staff health and productivity through ingesting ‘impure’ water.

Step 1: Install the Vulcan Electronic Descaler to change the molecular construction of calcium and magnesium minerals so the particulars do not stick to everything water touches.
Step 2: Install a Countertop Water Filter device to remove over 600 contaminants from the water staff would consume.
Step 3: Install a central main line UV Disinfection System to inactivate pathogens (bacteria, viruses, micro-organism) from your building water supply.
We advise a countertop unit as the daily visual presence will reminder staff the administrative building is concerned for their health.

Scientific Innovations Powers Clearly Clean Water

Researching the internet to make an informed decision on the best water filtration system based on Value, Eco-Friendliness and Being Confident Knowing the solution will actually work is extremely frustrating.
The answer is to combine 3 innovations from 3 different manufacturers.

step 1 small electronic anti scale hard water softener med

THIS changes the molecular
construction of hard water minerals

Vulcan S100  |  Vulcan S150  |  Vulcan S250

Limescale/ Hard Water / Calcium and Magnesium is circulating throughout your building premises; affecting water pipes, sprinkler systems, irrigation, water fountains, toilets, pumps, cooling equipment and everything else water touches.

As this hard water coats everything it touches it slowly destroys equipment and leaves mineral deposits behind creating a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. Multiple documented cases can be found where people have died from consuming water that had been infected with cryptosporidiosis.

step 2 small step 3 water treatment purfication

THIS removes over 200 contaminants
from your entire water supply

WC-1035  |  WC-2090  |  WC-50115  |  WC-90200

At first glance, the notion of installing a dedicated water treatment system in your building may seem, to some, as a radical and ostentatious move. When you consider the number of staff, employees, visitors, and equipment that come into contact with water every day; the impact becomes more of a strong social responsibility than a ‘luxury’ desire.

Installing a commercial water filtration system is not about producing ‘spring quality’ water; it is about reducing an eliminating harmful environment and chemically produced contaminants that can and do cause harm. Our systems do not require backwashing and filters are patented for exceptionally long lifespans.

Countertop Filtration Units can be used instead and strategically placed in locations where personnel is more likely to consume water (coffee, tea, preparing meals, etc)
step 3 small waslix water uv protection

THIS disinfects your entire water
system from harmful pathogen

SHF-140SHF-180  |  SHFM-140  |  SHFM-180

It’s horrifying to think there are Billions of microorganisms swimming around, in what we perceive as clean and clear water; that can and do cause illness. Even if your building is using commercial water filtering systems, bacteria and other pathogens are getting through into the consumption water supply. Ultra Violet (UV) water treatment is affordable solution to guarantee pathogens become inactive. Combining UV treatment with the Vulcan Descaler is the perfect solution for clearly clean water.

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Our philosophy is to foster a strong association between how clearly clean water will have a healthy biological influence on our bodies and preventative repairs and maintenance to our homes and businesses.
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