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Habitat Suites Hotel vulcan anti scale water softener energy efficient

blog heading iconHabitat Suites

Vulcan descalers are used at Habitat Suites Hotel to extend the lifespan of their water heater, improve energy efficiency and sufficiently heat all the water during peak operating hours.

MiTAC Holding vulcan descaler hard water solves scaling

blog heading iconMiTAC Holdings Corp.

MiTAC Holdings installed several Vulcan electronic anti-scale descalers to treat their air conditioning systems.

Palm Beach Club Hammamet vulcan protects boilers

blog heading iconPalm Beach Club Hammamet

This resort installs electronic mineral descaler to protect the hot water circuit, kitchen and the Spa from mineral scale and to reduce the workload of cleaning the pipes.

cable manufacturing plant vulcan mineral descaler 5000

blog heading iconInjection machine at a cable manufacturing plant

To compare the results between the Machine 1 with Vulcan 5000 and the Machine 2 without the Vulcan electronic descaler.

Sinopec Shengli Oilfield banner

blog heading iconVulcan used at Sinopec Shengli Oilfield to improve energy transfer and remove mineral scaling

After 6 months of using the Vulcan electronic descaler the Sinopec Shengli Oilfield does not have to use chemical to manage scale build up in water heating tubes. The company saved costs in energy, labor, maintenance, and no longer deals with their heating system being compromised by heating efficiencies.

Supermal Karawaci SMK Shopping mall removes mineral scaling

blog heading icon4 Year field test of the electronic descaler at a shopping mall.

A 4 year field test of the Vulcan electronic descaler was conducted at a Mall’s cooling towers in Indonesia. During the 4 years no system maintenance was required and the system was not treated with chemicals. Mall administration and maintenance report the prevention of rust in their iron pipes has been an added benefit.

Houlang Beer Brewing install vulcan mineral descaler

blog heading iconVulcan descaler installed on Houlang Beer Brewing water main lines

Houlang Beer Brewing installed the Vulcan anti-scale solution on their beer production water lines to manage scale build-up.

Foshan Brick Factory descaling minerals

blog heading iconDescaling Report for FGD Plant at Foshan Brick Factory

After 1 month we have been able to tell there is a 50% improvement in nozzle and branch pipe blockage.

LEED Platinum Green Building certification vulcan mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPlatinum Green Building Certification from LEED

Energy Complex has been awarded the highest level of Platinum Green Building Certification from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) for energy conservation, harmonious coexistence of industry and the environment and optimal utilization of resources.

power plant mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPower plant heat pump station and the Vulcan X-Pro series

Vulcan X-Pro series electronic mineral descalers were installed in a thermal power plant heat pump station to prevent the scale from reducing the heat exchange efficiency.

Bodega Marine Lab electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconUniversity of California Davis and Bodega Marine Laboratory

Electronic hard water descaler (Vulcan) has been installed on the main water lines of the Bodega Marine Housing Dormitories and on the cold water pipe of the main Bodega Laborator. 

hotel Mercure Munich antu water scaler electronic

blog heading iconHotel Mercure Munich

We are pleased to inform you that the water treatment unit has been working perfectly and to our full satisfaction ever since its installation.

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