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Pilbara Commercial Laundry electronic hard water descaler

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I believe we have quadrupled the life span of our evaporated air conditioner and we haven't had to replace our hot water system for more three years. Without the Vulcan Descaler Treatment System we would be replacing our hot water system every two years at a cost of more than $10,000.

Ralons Lavanderia remove limescale from pipes

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After multiple problems with scale build-up in our irons and laundry equipment we decided to try and solve this situation. After much research, we finally found the solution we were looking for. We chose the innovative line of water treatment, Vulcan. The Vulcan S25 unit was installed.

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Our philosophy is to foster a strong association between how clearly clean water will have a healthy biological influence on our bodies and preventative repairs and maintenance to our homes and businesses.


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