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Benefits of CuZn Filter Systems

Greater Surface Area:  when filtering out chemicals, VOCs & other contaminants, it’s all about surface area. Our patented reticulation process creates Filtration Medias that have 50 times greater surface area than the traditional granular media. Our patented FilterFoam Technology ensures that contaminants are adsorbed as they make contact with the powerful filtration media.

Greater Contact Time: – our media creates a torturous path for the water, increasing the water’s contact time with the media & ensuring that the entire body of water comes in contact with the filters contaminant adsorbing filtration media. The porous nature of our reticulated media also ensure efficiency at high flow rates, causes virtually no pressure loss and unlike granular media, will never pack channel or plug.

Higher Efficiency: – 2 ounces of our FilterFoam media is equivalent to 1 pound of traditional granular media. This advantage allows our compact systems to perform with large scale industrial capacity.

Saves Time and Money: – our lightweight, compact systems last longer and outperform the competition. Our efficient design makes installation easy, reducing or eliminating costs associated with maintenance.

All Natural & Earth Friendly: – Our medias are manufactured from natural minerals in their purest powdered form, mimicking Mother Earth’s very own filtration process. The purity of our medias allows us to produce pure, natural spring water right from your home’s tap!  Virtually all of our filtration medias are compostable (will biodegrade in compost setting in about 3 years) or recyclable!


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cuzn purify water family home

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GREAT for apartments, small to larger homes, office application

Water Flow: 1 - 15 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Filtration: Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Arsenic and over 200 other contaminants
Duration/ Lifespan: 1-10 years

cuzn residential filters


IL-200 Refrigerator Filter
ILFC-200 Refrigerator Filter
ILF-200 Refrigerator Filter
ILC-200 Refrigerator Filter
Inline Hose Garden Water Filter

Whole House Models:

WHBB2-10C (45,000 Gallons)
WHCM7-13 (75,000 Gallons)
WHBB-20 (80,000 Gallons)
WHCM7-13 (150,000 Gallons)
WHCC7-35 (300,000 Gal.)
WHCM-47-DTF (350,000 Gal.)
WH-200B (500,000 Gallons)

CounterTop Models:

CuZn CT-3K (1 year)
CuZn CT-2K (1 year)
CuZn CT-101 (1 year)
CuZn CT-50 (3 years)

Under Counter Models:

UC-101 (1 year)
UC-3K (1 year)
UC-200F-85 (2 years)
UC-200-85 (3 years)
UC-200 (5 years)

viqua disinfect water commercial application

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GREAT for professional requirements and commercial applications

Water Flow: 9 - 200 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Filtration: Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Arsenic and over 200 other contaminants
Duration/ Lifespan: 1-10 years

cuzn commercial filters

A Few Available Models:

WC-Series Water Filter
CuZn UC-200 Water Filter
CuZn UC-200-85 Water Filter
CuZn UC-200F Water Filter
CuZn UC-200F-85 Water Filter

A Few Available Models:

CuZn CT-101 Model
CuZn CT-2K Water Filter
CuZn CT-50 Water Filter
CuZn UC-2K Water Filter
CuZn UC-101 Water Filter

viqua disinfect water specific need

GREAT for small residential swimming pools, water vending systems

Custom designed solution catering to your specific needs

CuZn’s Team of Industrial Process Engineers custom design systems that are tailored to fit your specific application’s parameters. Our team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish with on-site approach backed by surveying and in depth analysis. Engineers are capable of performing all aspects of design, facility construction, training, installation, waste disposal and maintenance.

cuzn industrail filters

Available Models:

Contact us for a custom solution:
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