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VacMet eco friendly hardwater descaler

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Based on that saving alone, the Vulcan has already paid for itself. An additional benefit has been in the greatly reduced amount of cooling tower maintenance. The calcium buildup has been miniscule and the little bit that has accumulated can be easily washed away with a garden hose and nozzle.

THK Precision treat hardwater scale descaler

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We used chemicals to remove the scale of cooling tower before. After Vulcan was installed, we stopped the dosing process, and all equipment is still running well. Vulcan completely replaced the chemicals and saves cost for the company.

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Chillers in a Cooling Tower no scale problems
A picture from a Chiller opened for a routine cleaning, but nothing to clean after two years with Vulcan treatment. This Chiller is connected to a Cooling Tower which is exposed to lots of air borne contamination from surrounding farms.
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