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University of Munich electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconPhysiological Institute of the University of Munich

The system Vulcan 5000 is an economic alternative to expensive heat exchangers, i.e. closed circulations of coolant with treated water. These heat exchangers cost about 5,000€. The device Vulcan 5000 has been used on a trial basis since the end of March to treat the coolant of our gas laser. On the 12th of December the company coherent GMBH checked the laser tubes for lime deposits on the ceramic surface. No lime deposits were detected, therefore, it is in all a positive result.

Spokane Public Schools combat hard water buildup 1

blog heading iconRoosevelt Elementary School & Shaw Middle School

Spokane, WA schools now have 6 Vulcan units installed. The tower was full of scale when we started and after 4 weeks, scale started to fall of in big chunks and now it is completely scale free.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconBeijing University of Chemical Technology

Due to the shower head scaling problem in Changping student dormitory in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the water was getting reduced after a month, and the shower head was blocked completely after 2-3 months. We installed 2 Vulcan to test. After 2 months, no scale was found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was easy to remove.

Florida State University electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconFlorida State University: Biomedical and Engineering Team

The Florida State Bio-medical Team uses the Vulcan Eco-Friendly Electronic Descaler on their main water pipes. Their Stainless steel rack washer now completely scale free!

Bodega Marine Lab electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconUniversity of California Davis - Bodega Marine Laboratory

Electronic hard water descaler (Vulcan) has been installed on the main water lines of the Bodega Marine Housing Dormitories and on the cold water pipe of the main Bodega Laborator. 

University of California Merced electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconUniversity of California Merced

Installation of the Vulcan S100 on the main cold water line

spokan school descaler

blog heading iconKitchen of Spokane School

The Vulcan unit installed on the entire building system has also been extremely effective. No more rusty water after weekends and Christmas break. The next Vulcan will be installed on the other school buildings, which are around 20 – 25 years old.

Rehoboth Christian School uv water filter

blog heading iconRehoboth Christian School: The Only Alarm Today is the School Bell

Set on 10 acres of farmland in the tiny community of Copetown, Rehoboth Christian School is home to nearly 400 students, and serves grades from Kindergarten through grade 12. For years, the school treated their well water using chlorine, but in 2013 they decided to eliminate chlorine from the drinking water and made the switch to UV. We chose the Vique Pro10 because it was the "Cadillac of all systems".

Sarthe Habitat electronic anti scale device

blog heading iconSarthe Habitat Apartment Building

The Vulcan S25 has been installed on the roof of an apartment building in Tokyo, built 20 years ago with 46 apartments.

Apartment Building japan electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconApartment Building- Japan

The Vulcan S25 has been installed on the roof of an apartment building in Tokyo, built 20 years ago with 46 apartments.

Delice Danone Dairy Production remove hard water scale

blog heading iconDelice Danone Dairy Production

2 Vulcan 3000 installed in the Delice Danone factory

Fritz Hacker electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconFritz Häcker- Gelatine Production

Traditionally a high amount of water is required for the extraction process to produce gelatin. For this we have our own deep wells from which the required water is drawn. Due to the area‘s geology, the ground water is relatively hard which inevitably results in thick layers of adherent limestone in the tanks. Some of which only were removable by using chemical substances. To remedy this, we have already taken one of your Vulcan systems into operation in the central hot water supply. We were stunned by it‘s results!

Olive Oil Production hard water descaler

blog heading iconMarcel SINAI "Les Aires" Olive Oil Production

The Vulcan descaler model is installed and is functioning correctly as we no longer have traces of limestone on our ro-binneterie GROHE stainless steel. The water in our region (la Provence) is particularly limestone rich.

K P Zimmermann Dairy Production hardwater descaler

blog heading iconK & P Zimmermann Cheese Dairy Production

One month after the installation of Vulcan S25, we made a test with a rusty nail. After two weeks the nail was clean. For us Vulcan is the easy solution against scale and rust and keeps our piping system and appliances clean. We need less maintenance and save money with it.

EWG Eberswalder vulcan hardwater descaler

blog heading iconEberswalder Wurst Sausage Production

We have been using your Vulcan-Impulse-Technology for over a year with great success. Six months following an intensive purification and the installation of your Vulcan technology, only very few deposits in the warming zone and none at all in the cooling zone could be found.

Grease Trap in a Food Factory anti hardwater

blog heading iconGrease Trap in a Food Factory (Japan)

Before installation, I noticed strong odors when opening the hole. When I opened the hole a month after installation, no such odors were present. As for the cleaning intervals, monthly cleaning may now not be required. The effect and cleaning intervals of Vulcan will require an annual observation; however, I believe the amount of cleaning will be reduced remarkably.

Bigard Meat Factory uses hard water descaler

blog heading iconBigard Meat Factory

Before installing the Vulcan unit, the scanning machine could not read barcodes due to scale incrustations. Now after installed Vulcan, the machine is able to read these bar codes correctly. Bigard is now saving on maintenance costs and reduced time spent on cleaning the washing machine and white boxes.

Fazer confectionery electronic descaler

blog heading iconFazer Chocolate Production Factory

Fazer is Finland‘s leading confectionery company and one of the leaders in the Baltic Sea area, exporting products to more than 40 countries. The Vulcan hard water descaler device has been placed on the cooling system, used in the production of chocolate.

Wolfies Restaurant vulcan water descaler

blog heading iconWolfies Waterfront Grill

The Vulcan immediately solved a problem with our restroom fixtures, eliminated our water softener, along with the required salt and water consumption and drastically reduced our dishwasher soap usage.

the o2 buffet electronic descaler

blog heading iconThe O2 Water Margin Oriental Buffet

Since CWT Partners ltd installed the Vulcan S25 at our premises we have noticed substantial and continual improvement over the past 3 months. Our food warmers, steam ovens, kitchen sinks and restrooms are clear of scale, along with cleaner crockery and cutlery. This has helped to reduce the detergent and cleaning equipment and products, which has saved us more than the cost of installing the Vulcan S25. The restaurant is now able to operate at a higher level, avoiding lime scale and rewashing of dishes, with far fewer complaints from customers.

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