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blog heading iconVulcan descaling saves thousands for a hotel owner in Moriarty, New Mexico

Anyone familiar with Moriarty knows that the water here is awful. We battle with water hardness like no other place I know. Our hotel had been spending thousands of dollars installing water softeners and going through excessive amounts of salt and descaler to try to keep up. This would manifest itself in calcium buildup in our kitchen and bathroom fixtures, our ice machine, and our pool. We installed the Vulcan S100 and the Vulcan 5000 on your pool and the transformation at our facility has been nothing short of astounding.

Hotel Cadolzburg electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconHotel Cadolzburg

When we saw how simple your system is, we were honestly fairly skeptical and even more so when we saw how your technician installed the product on our entry pipe in minutes with no tools. Still after only a few days we noticed a clear difference in the calcium levels.

Royalton Punta Resort hard water descaler

blog heading iconRoyalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino

A 1,000 room resort located on the beachfront in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Two Vulcan S500 were installed on the main input pipe in order to combat scale build up and increase efficiency of the three cooling towers. A Vulcan S100 is also installed on the resorts main hot water system, in order to remove and prevent scale build up in the heaters/boilers, which provide hot water throughout the entire resort and casino.

Ontario Pioneer Camp uv purification

blog heading iconVIQUA Pro Series Solving Problems for Ontario Pioneer Camp

The camp’s 1200 acres of property surrounds Clearwater Lake - their source of water along with two wells. Each year the camp accommodates around 5000 guests in the winter and 2400 campers in the summer. Staff members are serious about their responsibility for keeping visitors safe. “Right from the start we were very impressed with the Pro20s because they were so straightforward to install. We were even more impressed when they solved all the problems we were having with our UV systems.

Ridgemoor Bed Breakfast UV water filter

blog heading iconRidgemoor Bed & Breakfast: Peace of Mind, Peace and Quiet

After installing the new VIQUA Pro10 with flow meter, Lloyd says nuisance alarms were virtually eliminated. This has led to easier maintenance issues and greater confidence that the water at the B&B was safe for all uses, at all times.

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Our philosophy is to foster a strong association between how clearly clean water will have a healthy biological influence on our bodies and preventative repairs and maintenance to our homes and businesses.


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