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Chlorine is a chemical element used to disinfect water to kill pathogens
Chloramines is a solution made of Chlorine and ammonia; it is also used to disinfect water to kill pathogens

Since the 1920’s Chlorine has been the standard sanitizer for all municipal water treatment systems. However, in recent years municipalities have been treating water with Chloramine Solutions because this new chemical has longer shelf life, dissipates slower and is more economical than using larger amounts of Chlorine. Municipalities processing water for large cities and areas with hot climates have a higher probability of using Chloramine to treat their water supply.

If your municipality uses Chloramines to treat your water, it will be better to use a filter that is capable of removing Chloramines. Your filtration system will first need to break the ammonia and chlorine bond in the Chloramine solution so each chemical can be removed in its separate state. Chlorine water filtration systems cost less because Chlorine is lone entity and there is no chemical bond to break.

step 1
Every home and business has hard water flowing through their pipes, appliances and equipment; it’s just a question of how concentrated the ratio is of calcium and magnesium carbonates in your water.
Scaling problems goes beyond the unsightly dried mineral deposits on mirrors and faucets; it shortens the lifespan of everything it touches and is an instant breeding ground for the ‘trace amounts’ of bacteria in your water that isn’t killed when leaving municipal water treatment plants.

vulcan descaler combat hard water scale in pipes

THIS changes the molecular construction of hard water minerals

step 2
Every manufacturer in the Water Filtration Industry believes in their product and the ability for their products to filter your water to produce Spring Quality water. Unlike ever other distributor we chose 1 water filter manufacture to work with for very specific reasons!
CuZn is an American manufacture and the filters are made in the United States with their patented technology. We chose to exclusively work with this company because their filters do not require backwashing, can be recycled and the filter mediums are biodegradable, very affordable, filters are bacteriostatic to prevent bacteria from breeding inside the filters unlike other manufacturers.

cuzn clean water filter no back washing

THIS removes over 600 contaminants from your water supply

step 3
It’s horrifying to think there are Billions of microorganisms swimming around, in what we perceive as clean and clear water; that can and do cause illness. The majority of households filter their tap water through a water jug (usually to help remove the chlorine taste) and the water comes out transparent, so my water is fine, pure and clean; right?
Municipalities do their best to treat water for 100’s of millions of people every day. Water travels a long way before you consume it. Ultraviolet light treatment is a guaranteed way of destroying pathogenic organisms’ DNA that Chlorine cannot. Ultra Violet (UV) water treatment is affordable device, not a compromise on a luxury item.

viqua uv filter disinfects destroy water pathogens

THIS disinfects your entire water system from harmful pathogens

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